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Rethinking Organizational Comms Post-2020

You'd be surprised to know most business communication systems rely on technology that is nearly 30 years old now.

Does yours? We saw the detrimental effects of this in 2020 because when businesses couldn't scale to operate remotely or collaborate online they struggled and many failed. However, some businesses thrived, particularly those who had systems in place that allowed them to decentralize their workforce.

We Explore That and More:
  • The history of centralized workspaces and office buildings
  • Old communications infrastructure still supporting these locations
  • Why tried-and-true telecom may be holding your business' growth back
  • Putting the remote-work genie back in the bottle post-COVID
  • What a next step may be for those who'd like to modernize operations
  • One key criteria you should evaluate when considering UCaaS providers